Cool Phenomenal Woman Shirt and hoodie tee 2017

Whether you’re striking or not, know that you are a phenomenal woman. And for the record, I’m wearing red and working as my company is owned and run by some of the most phenomenal women!! Eileen is in school wearing her red Wonder Woman shirt. We won’t be spending any money today.

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Official Phenomenal Woman Shirt and hoodie (custom colors)
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Official Phenomenal Woman hoodie
Phenomenal woman, that’s you. Celebrate the phenomenal women in your life and join America Ferrera in showing your support for the seven great organizations working towards women’s rights when you get this t-shirt: Phenomenal woman, that’s me. And you. And all of us. Now’s your chance to make a fashion statement, be inspired by the words of the great Maya Angelou, and support the work of Planned Parenthood and other fearless organizations working for women’s rights. Beyond thrilled to be a part of Meena Harris Phenomenal Woman campaign. This shirt supports 7 different organizations that empowers women. Join this incredible movement and get yours at

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